Ezoic is the biggest fraud site

Ezoic is the biggest fraud site

Ezoic is a fraud and exploitation of your site's resources

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If you want to work and profit from your website, you should not waste your time and effort on Ezoic

This fraudulent site has gained extraordinary fame by those looking for quick profit on the Internet without investigating the truth and tracking whether the site is fraudulent or honest.

The scam Ezoic is looking for emerging sites, not superior or start-up sites, as it specifically targets those looking for quick profit, as their sites may exceed 10,000 visits per month .. because it knows very well that professionals can discover its deception easily.

It deletes most of the visits that come to your site and gives you a very small part of your visits, so your website earns less per month than what is expected of it. Therefore, we include Ezoic today among the largest fraudulent sites ever

Ezoic scam